Kamis, 20 November 2008

Anggrek Dendrobium

Dendrobium species originate over an extremely large area with a wide range of habitat elevations. It is, therefore, impossible to accurately make any generalizations about their culture. Often heard remarks such as, "Dendrobium species are difficult to grow", "Dendrobiums won't grow in this area", or "Beginners should avoid Dendrobium species" are simply generalizations that are too broad to be accurate. It is true that individual species often require very specific growing conditions, but with approximately 1240 species to choose from, plants can generally be found that are suitable for practically any growing area.

A few general facts about the large and varied genus Dendrobium might help growers understand the difficulty in trying to apply generalizations to so many species. Dendrobium habitat extends from India in the west, to Japan in the north, Australia and New Zealand in the South, and ranges eastward to include most of the Pacific Islands. Within this huge region, Dendrobium species are found from sea level to about 12,000 feet (3660 m).

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